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This weekend on Facebook, a friend of mine requested help for ideas to mark Holy Week in the home with small children. A lot of us are able to tune into various streaming options from our parishes, including children’s programming. Supplementing this with prayer and simple, concrete ways to move through the drama of Holy Week can deepen our journey this year. And who knows? Maybe these will become an annual tradition.

These are just a very few resources. The main criteria was simplicity. Many parents have more than enough on their plates right now, but I also know many are hungry for ways to nurture faith in their household. Grandparents and godparents might even be able to use these in a video or telephone call.

Holy Week in a Box

Using only a box and some very basic craft materials, this includes a simple rite for each day in Holy Week. Each day follows the same pattern: a gospel reading, a simply prepared aid, a discussion question, and the Lord’s Prayer.

Mealtime Prayers for each day in Holy Week

The scripture verses and prayers on pgs. 10-13 of this booklet could be said at the dinner table or another meal together. It’s part of a selection of resources from books by Church Publishing packaged together for the time of Covid-19.

Activities for Holy Week

One simple activity for Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter. They are appropriate for a wide age range, require little to no preparation, and with the exception of the recipe for “empty tomb” rolls, require no extra supplies. You can view them here.

After Holy Week - Faith Formation

The Reverend David Taylor from St. Dunstan’s has crafted this easy to use catechism for young children. It moves through the big topics: who are we, who is God, etc., in an accessible, friendly way. Each session is only 15-20 minutes long; it comes as a 2 pager with big graphics. It can be used at home anytime of the year. You can download them here:

Photo credit: Sharon Ely Pearson