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The diocese has reason to celebrate as a new initiative, the Learning Centre for Mission and Formation (, is officially launched. With its vision of creating informed, engaged, and empowered Anglicans for the flourishing of our communities, this centre aims to be a cornerstone of learning and growth.

The centre's mission is clear: to establish and maintain an online hub offering training, events, and learning opportunities. This initiative seeks to nurture individuals and groups, enabling them to share their strengths, deepen their faith, and cultivate their ministries effectively.

At the heart of the Learning Centre's offerings are three distinct pathways for learners:

1. Certificate Programs: In collaboration with the Vancouver School of Theology, the Learning Centre offers certificate programs aimed at equipping leaders with a robust foundation in theological and ministry studies. These programs, totaling 15 credits, span three distinct streams:
•    Homiletics
•    Children, youth, and families
•    Spiritual and Pastoral care
Designed to prepare leaders for licensed lay ministry within the diocese, these certificate programs represent a significant opportunity for parish development.

2. Online Courses: These courses are designed to cater to individual learners or small groups, providing training in various ministry roles, explorations of faith, and learning opportunities focused on justice and mission. The registration process is straightforward, requiring only a name and email address. Clergy and lay leaders also have the flexibility to register themselves and facilitate courses for small groups, either over Zoom or through projection from their computers. New courses will be added regularly.

3. Live Events: The diocese offers many learning experiences, but sometimes its hard to know where and when they are all happening. The Learning Centre aims to gather and share all the workshops, seminars, and conferences scheduled throughout the diocese, that involve multiple parishes. From seminars on Dismantling Racism to the Mission Conference and Centre for Spiritual Renewal events, the lineup promises diverse and enriching experiences for participants.

With its commitment to fostering knowledge, engagement, and leadership development, the Learning Centre is poised to make a lasting impact, both within the church and beyond. As Anglicans embrace this new resource, the future holds promise for greater unity, compassion, and service within and beyond our communities.