Christian Formation

“Christian formation is at the core of the purpose of a parish church/faith community. God is always the ultimate source of all formation. Our role is to assist God in God’s work of the formation of God’s own people.”

Archbishop Melissa Skelton

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About Christian Formation

Christian Formation in a lifelong process, and it happens throughout our lives as we journey towards God. Christian formation begins in childhood, in the family home and in Children's programs in church. It then evolves and looks a little different in adolescence, and again it grows and floruishes as we do into our adulthood and walks with us through all stages of our life. On this homepage you will find links to all these important stages of life and the various events, resources and curriculm tailored to them, both from this Diocese and from across the wolrd wide Anglican Church. You will also find Sacarmental Development, such as Marriage, Confimration and Baptism, as these sacraments mark new chapters in our life and an oppurtunity for our own spiritual development and comittment to our community and God.

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The Mission & Ministry Team

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The Reverend Tellison Glover

Director for Mission and Ministry Development

The Reverend Tasha Carrothers

Missioner for Parish Development

The Reverend Jessica Schaap

Missioner for Christian Formation

Questions about Christian Formation?

Contact Reverend Jessica Schaap, Missioner for Christian Formation. Or call: 604-684-6306 ext. 225. She, and the Christian formation subcomittee can offer help with the following:

  • selecting resources and curricula that can work in your specific context with any age group,
  • recommend seasonal resources for Advent, Lent, etc.,
  • help start a Christian Formation group in your parish,
  • offer referrals for spiritual direction,
  • assist in the design of a formation event or course.
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