Here are some practical recommendations on further reading, online faith formation, and popular programs to help you with adult Christian formation. Below is the Christian Formation blog with articles on resources to strengthen and form people in the way of Christ. For more online resources, check out the Diocesan pinterest board on Adult Christian Formation.

Online Adult Formation

With the Covid-19 pandemic, online formation like online worship took on a new neccessity. This page is dedicated to online faith formation resources. These can be adapted in ways that make the most sense for you, and for folks in the parish.

Recommended Reading

There are so many adult resources out there, it's hard to choose which ones will work for you, click below to find some fantastic resources that are tried and tested in this Diocese.


Below you will find links to various Adult Formation available in this Diocese.
The Vita Retreat

The Vita Retreat works to create an environment for people to encounter the Holy Spirit and reignite their lives of prayer and ministry. The Vita Retreat is available in a half-day, two day, or three day format. The core of the retreat is to introduce people to contemplative and creative prayer practices and worship of the Anglican tradition.

Education For Ministry (EFM)

Education for Ministry is a program of theological education by extension for lay people. There are four years of study, but participants commit for one year at a time, meeting in small groups with a trained mentor.

Transforming Questions

After a successful pilot of this course last summer, Transforming Questions returns in January 2021. The pandemic has stirred up basic questions about life, faith, purpose, and God. In 11 sessions, we will seek to move deeper by engaging in some of faith’s most basic questions.

Registration: click here

Deadline to Register: January 21, 2021

Other Curricula

Click the link to learn more about recomened programs and curicula such as Pilgrim and Church Next.

For More Information on Adult Christian Formation please contact Jessica Schaap: or 604 684 6306 ext. 225