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April 25th Update

Just a few more days to go before the marathon. David wants to know that a donate button has been set up on the St. George's Parish website homepage. Click to go there and give to the Maple Ridge Ecumenical Community supper. David has his number for the run and it is: 897

The Reverend David Edgerton, newly inducted rector of St. George, Anglican Church, Maple Ridge is training to participate in the BMO Vancouver Marathon on May 1st in Vancouver. He is also inviting folks from around the diocese to support him and take part by making a pledge or pledges to the two charities he is supporting: the diocesan - Bishop’s Fund for Refugee Resettlement (BFfRR) and the Maple Ridge Community Supper - a partnership between St George Maple Ridge, Golden Ears United and other local churches.

When asked about his career in distance running David said, “I have done a little bit of running for about seven years, but the first race I entered was an 8km Fun Run in my last parish. At school I always came last at Cross Country running, and was never really encouraged to do any better.  It wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I discovered I could run.  

I ran the Birmingham Half-marathon in October 2013, and so the 2014 London Marathon seemed like a good next challenge.  I was researching a story about the UK charity, Oasis Trust for a sermon and a banner on their website popped up saying “do you want to run the London Marathon for Oasis?” Within a few days I had arranged the Sunday off church and began training!  I finished in 3:49:18 – which was not bad for a first attempt.  

As most races happen on Sunday mornings I’m usually at work so the BMO Vancouver Marathon will only be my second marathon. The great thing about the training is I can explore the local area and there are so many routes to try in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows. Running is perhaps a bit like how some people find church… it can be tempting to stay at home and miss a run, but every time I run I’m glad I did!  

The annual cash funding needed for the Maple Ridge Meal is approximately 2,500 so David is hoping to raise a total of $5,000.  

You may make your credit card donation to the BFfRR by clicking the word GIVE above on the navigation bar and accessing the dropdown box or you may write a cheque to The Diocese of New Westminster, noting that it is for the Bishop’s Fund for Refugee Resettlement (David Edgerton) and mail it to: 1410 Nanton Avenue, Vancouver BC V6H 2E2. 

To contribute to the Community Meal in Maple Ridge please make your donations payable to St. George's Church and send them to the Church Office, St. George’s, 23500 Dewdney Trunk Rd, Maple Ridge, B.C. V2 X 3L8