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Archbishop Skelton is currently in hospital undergoing tests for a recurring condition. She watched the live stream of the vote and asked that we distribute the following message:

I was very disappointed not to have been with our delegates on account of my illness as the vote on the marriage canon occurred tonight. All that I can say is that I’m very sorry for all the feelings of hurt that this vote has caused, and that I urge everyone to pray for the Anglican Church of Canada.

Remember that this Synod is not over! And so please pray that together we can find a better solution to the marriage question.


Resolution A052-R2 to amend the marriage canon of the Anglican Church of Canada has been defeated.

For those new to the discussion, the revised Canon would have permitted Anglican clergy to officiate at the marriage of same-sex couples.

In order for the resolution to pass it would've needed a 2/3 majority in each of the three houses. It did not received 2/3 in the House of Bishops.

Laity: 80.9% yes, 19.1% no

Clergy: 73.2% yes, 26.8% no

Bishops: 62.2% yes, 37.8% no

Following the vote at almost 10pm on Friday, July 12, the Primate and Chancellor discussed a question raised from the floor, whether a motion can be raised to revisit the Marriage Canon resolution. More delegates lined up at the microphones. The Primate, as Chair of the Synod, advised adjournment for the evening, reconvening tomorrow at Christ Church Cathedral Vancouver for the Primatial election.