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This year, we’re selling amazing finds on Facebook Marketplace, since we can’t have an in-person Rummage Sale.

How to buy items from St. Mary’s on Facebook Marketplace:

  1. Log in to Facebook, go to the Marketplace tab, and search “Mary Parish”

  2. A ton of amazing finds and wonderful goods should appear!

  3. All items being sold by St. Mary’s be sold under the name “Mary Parish” with this image as the profile picture (see image above), and will have this sentence at the top of the description for each item “All proceeds benefit St. Mary's Kerrisdale Church”

To stay up-to-date on all items posted by us, when you’re looking at one of our items on Marketplace, scroll down till you see “Seller Information”, click on “Mary Parish” and then click “Follow”.

Make sure to check in regularly, as new items will be posted when available.

Speaking of Rummage… We need donations!

Do you have a treasure trove of stuff that needs a new home? We’re looking for any items valued at over $5. To drop off donations, please call or email ahead. Appointments can be made from Saturday through to Wednesday, but again, please call or email ahead. You can contact Kaelan at 604-442-5095 or

Proceeds support the ongoing Mission & Ministry of St. Mary’s.