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The application process for Parish Development Grants in 2018 has begun, with initial 'intent to apply' applications due by the end of April 5th 2017.

The overall purpose of Parish Development grants is to assist parishes in the Diocese as they develop, with God’s help, into healthier, more faithful, and more effective communities of faith. We are interested, therefore, in making grants to parishes that have a vision for their own development and want the Diocese’s assistance in moving toward the vision.

This will be the third year of this grant process. In 2017, ten parishes who made successful applications are using Parish Development Grants to help move forward with their vision of parish development, funding new initiatives and expanding existing ministries.

Information about the Parish Development Grants process and the "Intent to Apply" form is available on the Parish Development Grants page.

Bishop Melissa Skelton with the community of St. Brigid, one of the recipients of a Parish Development grant in 2016 and 2017.