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Parishes are expected to complete and submit the following forms on or before March 31, 2022:

·     Section 1: Parochial Statistics (2021)

·     Section 2: Screening In Faith Report (2021)

·     Section 3: Parish Clergy and Staff (2022)

·     Section 4: Parish Leadership (2022)

·     Section 5: Parish Trustees (2022)

·     Section 6: Program Coordinators (2022)

·     Section 7: Synod Delegates

·     Section 8: File Uploads

In early April 2022, the Synod Office will generate a document with the parish's responses. A hard copy will be sent to the parish. Each parish is responsible for sending a copy to their respective regional dean and regional archdeacon:

The information you provide allows the Synod Office to:

  • register the delegates from your parish for Diocesan Synod;
  • update the diocesan database;
  • file statistics to the General Synod;
  • and produce the Diocesan Directory.

The data from your parochial reports also allows effective communication with treasurers, church wardens, trustees and other people serving at the parish.

In accordance with the BC Personal Information Protection Act and the Diocese of New Westminster Privacy Policy, please obtain permission from the people whose personal information you are providing.

To help you gather the information you will need to fill out each section, a summary is provided below. The summary is for information only. You can only send us your information using this online submission portal.

If you experience any difficulties using the portal, please email Elias Neto or call him at 604-684-6306 (ext. 210)