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The Reverend Michael McGee has chaired the diocesan Refugee Unit for more than five years and has dedicated immeasurable time to this important ministry. 

Michael has been the 'go-to' person for all questions related to refugee sponsorship especially as it relates to our diocese's designation as a Sponsor Agreement Holder (SAH). 

In May, Michael indicated to the Bishop that he needs to step back from this work as he focuses on his parish, St. Christopher’s, West Vancouver and armed forces chaplaincy.

In the meantime please contact the Reverend Ruth Monette for questions on refugees.

To date, 16 Syrian refugees have been settled, a further 24 have been approved for an in-person interview and two families of ten people (it could be 11 depending upon the birth of a baby) have been submitted for review.  This totals 50 (or 51) Syrian refugees being supported by the Diocese of New Westminster. In addition a Somalian man should also arrive soon. 

Despite the request by the diocese's Refugee Unit for 125 spaces as a Sponsorship Agreement Holder, the Federal Government has allocated only six for the remainder of 2016.