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In celebration of United Nations World Interfaith Harmony Week, (February 1 -7),
a guided tour of four sacred spaces has been organized to take place on, February 4th, from 9:30am-5:30pm. SACRED SPACES is a full day with guided visits to a Sikh temple, a mosque, a synagogue, and an orthodox church in Greater Vancouver. The focus will be on broadening our knowledge and understanding of different faith traditions, and building relationships between peoples of our multicultural, richly diverse society.

This event is an initiative of the Ecumenical Multifaith Unit of the Anglican Diocese of New Westminster, the InterSpiritual Centre of Vancouver and a recently-formed cooperation circle of United Religions Initiative (URI). The new circle is called United for Humanity and the Spirit of Earth (UHSE), Vancouver, and is comprised of people of diverse faith and spiritual expressions including, Christians (Catholic, Anglican, Quaker), Muslims (Shi’a, Sunni, Ismaili), Buddhists, Bahai’, First Nations, to name a few. The primary focus of UHSE is to work together on activities for the common good of humanity, building peaceful counter-narratives, bringing care and compassion towards one another and the earth we share.

With the ongoing reception of refugees and immigrants to Greater Vancouver, and in the spirit of bridging the divides, the SACRED SPACES Tour is being offered as an opportunity to dispel myths and misconceptions that give rise to fear, polarised worldviews, hatred, and violent extremism. This critical time calls for a greater awareness, understanding and appreciation of our neighbours.

Open to all. Come together for an enriching day of interfaith celebration, dialogue, and discovery. Space is limited. Cost: $50/person (lunch included).

Registration: Call 604.682.3848 ext.30 or Email

Further information:
Donna Wong Juliani
Ellen Vaillancourt