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The Reverend Christine Rowe, Assistant to the Rector at St. Mary’s, Kerrisdale and Regional Dean of Point Grey celebrated 25 years of ordination to the priesthood recently. Christine left seminary in 1986, the only option for women in the Church of England at that time was to become a deaconess. This took place poignantly, standing next to her husband Stephen (long time Rector of Church of the Epiphany, Surrey) as he was ordained deacon.

The Church of England was far behind the Anglican Church in Canada; however nine months later Christine was ordained deacon. A long seven years wait culminated with the amazing celebration to the priesthood on April 17 1994. Over a period of a couple of months over 600 women were at last able to fulfil their calling. Through years of heartache and joy finally Christine celebrated her first Eucharist that day. She continues to give thanks to God for her life and ministry.


Christine celebrating her anniversary at St Mary’s, Kerrisdale with the Rev Lindsay Hills and the Rev Liz Ruder-Celiz.

 PHOTO: John Taylor