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In anticipation of increasing the visibility of Anglican Chaplaincy on the UBC campus this September, Anglican Chaplain, the Reverend Alain-Michel Rocheleau has launched a Facebook page. Please follow the link and LIKE the page.

Father Alain-Michel writes:

We hope you will come and join us in person for one of our events, to learn more about us. In the meantime and throughout the year, this website is at your disposal to share your thoughts, ask questions, and connect with other students.

The Diocese of New Westminster’s campus ministry at UBC offers a strong, welcoming, and very supportive community committed to ancient ritual, intellectual curiosity and hopeful faith. Being a resource for incoming students is a priority for us. We hope you will find the home you need, in the midst of our community, as part of your experience at UBC.

We welcome students of all denominations, backgrounds, ethnicities, colors, and sexual preferences. Everyone is invited to be a part of challenging our faith and drawing closer to God.

Do you know a young adult who is about to enter college or university? We would like to help connect them with a church or campus ministry.

For more information, please contact The Rev. Dr. Alain-Michel Rocheleau at UBC via email

PHOTO of Fr. Alain-Michel by Jayme Vanderhoeven