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We are a dynamic community, diverse, passionate, and compassionate, rooted in the Anglican tradition of worship, prayer and music. 

We enjoy laughter and are not afraid of tears. We hope you will join us as you journey through all the seasons of the year and of your life. St. Faith’s is committed to providing opportunities to explore our faith and understanding of God.

7284 Cypress Street

Vancouver, BC

V6P 5M3

phone 604-266-8011
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Parish Clergy & Staff

The Reverend Adam Yates

Gathering Priest for St. Hildegard's Sanctuary
The Reverend Melanie Calabrigo

Parish Communicator and Administrator
Kami Arvind

Service Times

We gather weekly for worship on Sundays:
8am: BCP Holy Eucharist
10am: Holy Eucharist with music
5pm: St. Hildegard's Sanctuary