Indigenous Justice Resources
Learning History, Listening to Experiences, Building Relationships, Being a Good Ancestor

"The truth about reconciliation is this: It is not a second chance at assimilation. It should not be a kinder, gentler evangelism, free from the horrors of the residential school era.  Rather, true reconciliation is a second chance at building a mutually respectful relationship." Wab Kinew

Learning History

Learn about the 630 Indigenous groups of people who have lived here for thousands of years and the first contacts they had with those who believed they “discovered” this land. 

Resources on "Learning History"
Listening to Experiences

Listening provides the space for people to tell their stories, their experiences. 

Resources on "Listening to Experiences"
Building Relationships

 Building relationships is community making based on mutual respect. 

Resources on "Building Relationships"
Being a Good Ancestor
Resources on "Being a Good Ancestor"

Missioner for Indigenous Justice

Meet Kerry Baisley
Kerry Baisley, ODNW
604-684-6306 ext. 222

Kerry's schedule at the Diocese of New Westminster is Tuesdays to Thursdays

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