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St.Catherines is hosting a PWRDF benefit concert by the Milleraires Big Band for Solar Suitcases

$15 - $10 Seniors and Students

This is the third benefit concert the Milleraires have done for PWRDF.

Anthony Dodd, along time St Catherine's parishioner plays bass trombone.

The Milleraires Big Band was formed in 1970 by Doug Miller, a West Vancouver
resident and amateur musician, thus it became known as the "Milleraires".

The band's objective was to continue the presence of swing style music and
develop musical ability of its members. The players were local amateur
musicians. For many years, the band rehearsed weekly at Irwin Park School in
West Vancouver under direction of Bill Trussell, a talented and well known
professional musician. In 1993, the band changed its rehearsal facility to
the West Vancouver Seniors' Centre. Under Bill's tutelage, the band
significantly improved its performance capabilities.

Over the years, the band's original players have been replaced by others
with similar musical preference. Many of its former and subsequent members
are residents of the North Shore, with others located throughout the Lower

The band has an extensive library of swing music with some more
recent jazz selections.