The annual diocesan budget tells the story, in crisp figures, of how resources are received and then used up. It is a tool for accountants and for those who enjoy, or are fascinated with figures. Figures tell an important part of the story, but not all of it.

By adding words to the figures, a narrative budget puts flesh and bones to the numbers, and tells a fuller story of how resources are used and the benefits that result from those uses.

The figures used in this narrative budget are based on the 2005 budget, and have been rounded off to the nearest one hundred dollars.

Where the money comes from

Parish Contributions -$1,342,500

THE WORK OF YOUR CHURCH begins the moment a donation is placed in the collection plate. Year in and year out, parish contributions are what keep the diocese going. Each parish has agreed at a financial Diocesan Synod in 1996 to contribute 12.1 per cent of their revenues to the diocese. In addition, the parishes with revenues in the top 50% have agreed to pay approximately another two per cent, which goes into the Diocesan Growth Fund.

(Unfortunately, a number of parishes have at this point decided not to contribute their parish assessments. The amount likely to be withheld in 2005 is $311,300.)

Stewards in Action - $505,900

STEWARDS IN ACTION has been the Diocese of New Westminster `s voluntary appeal for funds to provide ministry and outreach since 1988, using the slogan - "Together we can do more than any one parish can alone." Over the years the money has gone to many diocesan groups.0 The focus of last year's campaign was the Coming Home Society's recovery house for young Aboriginal women, and the South Fraser Community Service Society, which provides outreach in the Whalley area of Surrey.

At its peak, Stewards in Action's revenue was over $800,000 a year. However, last year's total was $429,500. The decline has been due to many factors. The decline also means that Stewards in Action's overhead costs have risen to a larger percentage of the amount raised. The amount going into the 2005 budget includes $75,900 from Stewards in Action's reserves, which leaves only $67,400 for 2006.

Investment Income - $285,000

PEOPLE OFTEN PROVIDE MONEY to the Diocese of New Westminster in wills and gifts. Some of this money must be spent in specific ways, according to the donor's request. Much of it is invested in the diocese's Consolidated Trust Fund. About 45 per cent of the fund's investments are fixed income, such as bonds. The rest consists of equities, such as common stock. (Money from parishes is also invested in the Consolidated Trust Fund, but all income from parish investments is credited to the parishes.) The return depends upon market conditions. In 2004, the return was 8.2%, and the fund's investment counsellor is projecting a 4% to 6% rate of return for 2005.

Diocesan Growth Fund - $80,000

IN RECENT YEARS, this special fund has been crucial in helping the diocese face unexpected challenges.

When a number of parishes refused to pay their assessment, the loss of revenue forced cutbacks in diocesan program. However, money from the Diocesan Growth Fund has enabled the diocese to undergo an orderly financial transition.

This year the Diocesan Growth Fund will be used for the fourth year to compensate for this loss of revenue that began in 2002. The amount drawn from this fund has been reduced year by year.

Also coming from the fund in 2005 will be money to pay for curacy support.

Federal Government Grant - $105,200

THE DIOCESE has two priests working with the Corrections Service of Canada as prison chaplains. They serve Ferndale and Mission Prisons and the Psychiatric Care Facility in Abbotsford. The government of Canada reimburses the diocese for the cost of these two positions.

Other Funds - $205,200

OVER THE YEARS, many generous Anglicans have left money to the church, and some have made gifts while they are living. Included are the Diocesan Housing Fund, the Murrin Fund for clergy support and education, the Vancouver Foundation's fund for support of the Vancouver School of Theology, the Columbia Coast Mission Fund for Aboriginal Ministry and the F. J. Burd and the E. D. Farmer Funds to assist retired clergy.

Fees - $70,700

SOME OF THE FEES Anglicans in the diocese pay are these: An annual self-insurance fees charged to all parishes (currently $350 per clergy person) in case of short term clergy illness. Some send in money voluntarily to help defray the cost of the Anglican Journal and TOPIC. Clergy pay part of the cost of their retreats and staff counselling. Parishes are asked to cover the cost of meals for their delegates and some other expenses when Diocesan Synod meets - this fee however covers less than a third of what a synod costs. (Synod costs this year are higher because it's anticipated there will be a need for a special financial synod in November.)

Where the money goes

The Anglican Church of Canada & the Provincial and International Churches - $540,300

THE DIOCESE PAYS 26% of its base revenues to the national church, the Anglican Church of Canada. The national church’s largest expenses, in turn, are Partnerships with churches and people throughout the world. These account for about a quarter of the national budget. Funds for the Council of the North take up a second quarter of the national budget, as Canada’s eleven most northerly dioceses are subsidized by the 19 dioceses in southern Canada.

What we send to the provincial synod (about $34,000) covers synod meetings and supports the province’s new environmental initiative.

A new budget item this year is money for the Compass Rose Society, which directly supports the work of the world-wide Anglican Communion

The Bishop's Office - $264,800

BISHOP MICHAEL INGHAM is pastor to the whole diocese, and chief executive officer of Synod. He represents New Westminster Anglicans at the provincial and national synods and councils of the Canadian Church, and every ten years at the Lambeth Conference, all of which entails a great deal of travelling. He visits a different parish almost every Sunday when he is in the diocese, preaches or celebrates in the Cathedral each Christmas and Easter, inducts clergy in their new parishes, leads clergy retreats and conferences, and holds confirmations. He is assisted by an executive archdeacon and an administrative assistant.

Support for Parishes - $223,200

SUPPORT FOR PARISHES is the primary responsibility of the diocesan Director for Parish Support Ministries. A major initiative in 2004 which continues is the "Get fit, Keep fit" program. (Helping parishes is an important part of the job of all other members of staff - though not specifically included in this part of the budget.) New curate support, assistance at St. Anselm's new chaplaincy program at the University of British Columbia, the episcopal visitor, clergy replacement, and Church Depot are in this category.

Support for Clergy - $211,500

EXPENDITURES IN THIS CATEGORY by the diocese include support for theological education, professional development, conferences and retreats, archdeaconry and deanery expenses, and clergy counselling. For retired clergy the diocese in 2005 will contribute toward the cost of health benefits.

Planned Giving - $119,200

THE DIRECTOR OF PLANNED GIVING and Administrative Assistant are able to assist those who wish to contribute to the diocese or their parish with a major gift while they are still alive. Links are maintained with donors, and assistance is given to all Anglicans who request it on such matters as creating a will and planning an estate.

Outreach - $377,300

REACHING OUT to one's communities, local, national, and international, is something Anglicans have always done and will continue to do. This item in the budget covers a diversity of programs, including programs funded by Stewards in Action - especially the Coming Home Society's recovery house for Aboriginal women, and the South Fraser Community Services Society. It includes the work of the diocesan program coordinator (full-time), and the diocesan coordinators for First Nations Ministry and for Societal Ministry (half-time positions). Also included is support for the work of two prison chaplains, the Evangelism Unit, refugee sponsorship, Camp Artaban, Sorrento Centre, diocesan youth pilgrimages, and many other programs.

Communications - $134,900

MANY DIFFERENT TYPES of communications are overseen by the Diocesan Communications Committee - TOPIC, the diocesan newspaper;, the diocesan website; work to present the diocese's key messages in the secular media, both print and broadcast; and the many brochures, posters, and pamphlets that go out to keep Anglicans and non-Anglicans well informed.

Financial Management and Administration - $374,300

THIS EXPENDITURE is for managing the financial affairs of the diocese, including payroll and general accounting. The salaries for the business administrator, the comptroller, payroll clerk, clerical help, and receptionist services are found here, along with the financial audit, legal costs, and a small contingency fund. The diocesan business office also provides advice and assistance for parish treasurers and clergy.

Rent, utilities, and supplies - $281,500

THIS CATEGORY includes the cost of renting space for the diocesan office and providing all the necessary equipment and supplies: printing, postage, software, equipment & furniture, leasehold improvements, rent, utilities, occupancy costs, insurance, telephone, equipment maintenance, supplies, other administrative expenses.

Synods - $42,200

SYNOD meetings in the Diocese of New Westminster are by practice usually held annually. Parishes pay fees for synod, which goes for food served and other items, and pays about 30 per cent of the total cost.

In addition to the cost of Diocesan Synods, some $2,500 is set aside to help pay the future cost of sending delegates from the diocese to the next General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada, to be held in 2007.

Archives - $32,800

THE DIOCESAN ARCHIVES are located at the Vancouver School of Theology. The holdings document the activities of the diocesan administration, including the Bishops, officers of Synod and various boards and committees, as well as the activities of related organizations, deaneries, parishes and some individuals.

In Summary

Where the money comes from

  • Parish Contributions $ 1,342,500 51.7%
  • Stewards in Action 505,900 19.5%
  • Investment income 285,000 11.0%
  • Diocesan Growth Fund 80,000 3.1%
  • Federal Government 105,200 4.1%
  • Other Funds 205,200 7.9%
  • Fees 70,700 2.7%
  • Total $ 2,594,500 100.0%

Where the money goes

  • National & Province $ 540,300 20.8%
  • Bishop's Office 264,800 10.2%
  • Supporting Parishes 223,200 8.6%
  • Supporting Clergy 211,500 8.1%
  • Planned Giving 119,200 4.6%
  • Outreach 377,300 14.5%
  • Communications 134,900 5.2%
  • Financial Management 374,300 14.4%
  • & Administration
  • Rent, Utilities & Supplies 281,500 10.8%
  • Synods 42,200 1.6%
  • Archives 32,800 1.3%
  • Total $ 2,602,000 100.0%

Deficit ($7,700)

Note also that totals may not add up exactly due to rounding.