Long-time CCC parishioner Margery Kellett opened her beautiful home to welcome dozens of guests to a special birthday celebration in honour of the Cathedral’s most enduring parishioner, Cynthia Llewellyn.
Cynthia has been a regular parishioner at CCC since her teen years and during those 70+ years she has been actively involved in numerous facets of parish ministry from singing in the choir to the establishment of weeknight Bible study in her home that continues to this day.
Her outstanding contributions to the National Church and the Diocese of New Westminster through her lifetime of social justice work with First Nations and those in our greater communities who are unable to find and retain adequate housing were recognized with Cynthia’s receipt of the Anglican Award of Merit in 2001. Cynthia is one of only three recipients from the Diocese of New Westminster of the National Churches highest honour.
Prior to the cutting of the cake Cynthia spoke briefly to the guests, letting everyone in attendance know that she had no intention of making a speech but that she did want to thank the host, Margery and the principal organizer of the event, friend and colleague Hilda Gregory. Cynthia began her brief address at about 3:30pm and remarked that she was born at 3pm so the timing of the cutting of the cake was almost perfect.
In closing, Cynthia recognized her friend of 84 years, fellow Cathedral parishioner, Barbara Matthews. Barbara celebrated her 90th birthday, March 19th, 2010. Barbara and Cynthia met in early September, 1926 on their very first day of Grade One at St. Christopher’s School in Victoria and have been friends ever since.
Barbara was escorted to the party by her son Herb who was the Head Chorister in the Christ Church Cathedral Choir of Gentlemen and Boys, 1966-68.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
The food was delicious and the company delightful, I’m looking forward to August 28th, 2020 when we can do it again and mark that milestone together.
 Image above right: Barbara and Cynthia
Hilda Gregory cuts the cake while Cynthia and Lesley Godwin serve the guests.