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I want to start with an apology. I had planned to be far more diligent in my reporting back on the work of CoGS than I have been. I am sorry and I will do my best to report back more regularly on the work that we are doing. Because there is actually a lot going on!

As with everything else in our lives, the meetings of CoGS moved to meeting online this past year. Our last in person meeting was the regularly scheduled March 2020 gathering, and as news of the pandemic began to spread, we all jumped on airplanes to return home as quickly as possible and that is where we have stayed.

Because our meetings tend to span three days, we have opted to meet more regularly, for shorter amounts of time. So, in 2020 we met on Zoom in June, July, September and November and in 2021 we have so far met in February and March.

These meetings have provided opportunity for us to gather in Bible study and prayer together as well as to continue the important work that we began when this council was formed.

There have been two main focusses for our work in this triennium. The first has been focused on strategic planning, as we seek to create a strategic working plan for the Council focusing on the changing realities of our church and so it is aptly called: A Changing Church. This work has included the creation of various facilitated listening groups that met a number of times with people from across the country and included: Bishops, Executive Archdeacons, Young clergy, lay youth and young families, Congregational development, Diocesan Council, among others. You can see the list by following this link.

Here is the online location that provides an introduction to The Changing Church.

The work of compiling the feedback from these listening groups has now begun and we look forward to seeing where it will take us.

The Council also continues to support the work of the Jubilee Commission and the work to create a self- determining Indigenous Church within the Anglican Church of Canada.

This is exciting and important work and I invite you to continue to pray for Archbishop Mark McDonald.

The work of COGS continues and I encourage you to check out the Council of General Synod link on the Anglican Church of Canada website with highlights from the meetings. Here is the link

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