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On Thursday, September 17, 2020, at 6pm, the Episcopal Election Committee will conduct a Town Hall meeting for the Delegates and Alternates to the Electoral Synod.

All five Nominees are asked to participate. Each Nominee will have three to five minutes to respond to each of the questions prepared by the Committee. There will be no questions from the Members of Synod. An invitation to participate will be sent to the Delegates and Alternates.

The Town Hall will be recorded and a transcript prepared.  The recording and the transcript will be published on the Diocesan website by Saturday, September 19. This will make the Nominees' responses available to the whole Diocese.

Since the Episcopal Election Regulation requires that the Nominees have advance knowledge of the questions, Here are the questions that the Nominees will be asked to answer.

  • Some of the qualities valuable in a Bishop are good communication skills, pastoring, administration, preaching, spiritual maturity and others.  Which of these qualities (or others you might suggest) represent your greatest strengths?
  • What personal faith practices do you find most nourishing in your daily life?  How would these practices vitalize and influence your leadership style as Bishop?
  • What is one part of our diocesan profile you feel would stretch you if you were elected Bishop?  What learning/growth would you undertake, if you were elected Bishop, to become more comfortable in that aspect of your ministry as Bishop?