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A special by-invitation-only liturgy was held to invest St. Mark - Ocean Park's recipients of the Order of the Diocese of New Westminster (ODNW) on All Saints' Day, Sunday, November 1, at 12:30 PM. 

Among the 21 present at the short service were Hilda Smith, ODNW, Lynne Hurd, ODNW, and Brian Walks, ODNW, along with the newest members. 

The Most Reverend Melissa Skelton's sermon was read by the Reverend Philippa Segrave-Pride.  

To keep in the family "bubble", Tyler presented his mother, Pauline Blachford, Bishop's Nominee, with the ODNW ribbon and medal.  Then Jenna presented her grandfather, Les Edmonds, St. Mark's Parish Nominee, with the ODNW ribbon and medal. Rev. Philippa Segrave-Pride read the citations during the presentations.

They are as follows:

Mr. George Leslie (Les) Edmonds

St. Mark, Ocean Park

Since 1994 Les has continually taken care of what needs doing around St Mark’s, quietly and without expecting recognition.  Twice annually he gathers dozens of prize donations from local businesses for church barbeques. Les’ effusive, positive and funny Sunday announcements are well loved.  He has served as an Alternate Delegate, Lay Delegate, and a Trustee, and a founding member of the Journey of Christmas.  Les is a cheerful giver with a servant heart who is a treasure to St Mark’s.

Jenna has placed the ribbon and medallion

Les Edmonds, ODNW, with his granddaughter, Jenna.

Mrs. Pauline Ann Blachford

Bishop’s Nominee

St Mark, Ocean Park

For the past six years, Pauline has served as co-chair of the Bishop’s Friends.  In this capacity, she has been dedicated to assisting the Archbishop in achieving the goals of her episcopacy by planning fundraising dinners, securing auction prizes and graciously hosting guests during events that raised thousands of dollars for the Archbishop’s special projects.  Pauline has also contributed her business and sales expertise as a speaker at the “Inside Out Church” Mission Conference,  focussing on ‘heart selling’ and offering insight about sharing one’s faith with confidence and joy.

Tyler places the ribbon and medallion on his mother

Pauline Blachford, ODNW, with her son, Tyler.

Family shot of Pauline Blachford, ODNW, with her daughter, Sabrina, son, Tyler, and her husband Jack.

Family shot of Les Edmonds, ODNW, with his daughter Heather, son-in-law David, wife Jean, and granddaughter, Jenna.

Top image: ODNW's: Les Edmonds, Hilda Smith, Lynne Hurd, Pauline Blachford, & Brian Walks.

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Written with files from Barb Walks