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After three years of exemplary service to the parishes, clergy and members of the Diocese of New Westminster, Rachel Taylor, Administrative Assistant to the Finance Department, the Archbishop's Office, the Diocesan School for Parish Development; Pre-Authorized Donation Facilitator and staffer who is always willing to pitch in and fill many additional roles will complete her ministry on July 31, 2020. Rachel will be moving to Victoria to be close to family.

Top we see Rachel cutting a farewell cake, during a physically distanced "Farewell Lunch", July 14 on the green space between St. John's, Shaughnessy church and the Synod Office. And below we see Rachel speaking with Archbishop Skelton via Zoom

We will miss you Rachel. Please keep Rachel, Coral and their families in your prayers as they move forward in their lives and ministry.

Thanks to Bill Siksay for the photo of the cake cutting and thanks to Lauren Odile Pinkney for the photo of Rachel speaking with the archbishop.