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On Saturday, May 6, diocesan Treasurer, Bob Hardy and diocesan Director of Finance and Property, Rob Dickson held two information sessions at two separate diocesan parishes; a morning sessions at St. Agnes’, North Vancouver and an afternoon session at Church of the Epiphany, Surrey.

The purpose of these sessions was to communicate the work of the Assessment Task Force, the Financial Sustainability Working Group and Diocesan Council in preparation for Synod 2017.

The power point presentation which can be found as an attachment to this report outlines a number of changes to the finances of the diocese.  A new, simpler “Fair Share Assessment” formula will result in a decrease of $200,000 in assessment income to the Diocesan Vision Budget and the number of funds held by the diocese have been contracted, their purposes expanded and their intended uses clarified with a goal of transparency.

In order for these new proposals to become part of diocesan Canon law, two regulations would be replaced with new regulations, a Canon would be revised in order to rename a fund and clarify its uses and another regulation will need to be revised to increase Synod elected administrators from 2-4. These changes are all contained in one resolution that will be before Synod May 26 and 27.

Rob Dickson reported that there were respectable turnouts at each venue and good questions posed by those in attendance.

Reflecting on the two sessions he said,

“It was good to see the engagement of parishioners at these two events. It is a significant series of financial changes that are being proposed by Diocesan Council to this coming Synod. If passed they will bring greater resources to the parishes and greater clarity to the Diocesan financial arrangements. Understanding these proposed changes will help the discussion and decisions at Synod”


Diocesan Treasurer, Mr. Bob Hardy presenting at the first of two Financial Sustainability sessions at St. Agnes’, North Vancouver, May 6 at 10am. PHOTO: Stephen Muir.