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We're pleased to tell you that the new online Safe Church training system - Armatus: Learn to Protect - is now active!

Armatus: Learn to Protect is accessed online by using a personal computer or tablet. The courses are interactive, engaging and contain quizzes to ensure that content has been understood. Course content is tailored based on an individual’s ministry position – those whose ministry involves children, youth and vulnerable persons are given additional training specific to these areas. Safe Church training forms part of the diocesan sexual misconduct policy and replaces the sexual misconduct policy workshop as the method by which those serving in medium or high risk ministries are equipped to prevent misconduct in all its forms.  

Who needs to take Safe Church training?

All those serving in medium and high risk parish ministries are required to complete Safe Church training. The definitions of these ministries and examples are provided in the Screening in Faith Policy which can be found at:

How do parish volunteers and employees register for Safe Church training?

Lay parish volunteers and parish employees need to be registered into the Armatus system. Each parish has a Screening coordinator who will collate the required information and send it to the Screening in Faith Facilitator at the Diocesan Office. If you don't know who that is in your parish - ask your priest-in-charge or wardens! The full process is outlined in the Guide to Armatus for Parish Leaders.

How do clergy register for Safe Church training?

Clergy register for training by getting in touch with the Screening in Faith Facilitator at the Diocesan Office. The Archbishop's bulletin to clergy dated October 29th outlines her expectations for clergy completing Safe Church training in the coming months. It is each clergy person's responsibility to ensure that they register for the training and that it is renewed every five (5) years.

We have more questions about Safe Church training!

The Guide to Armatus for Parish Leaders contains a series of frequently asked questions which will hopefully assist parishes as they begin working with the new system.

Safe Church training contact

Lauren Pinkney is the Screening in Faith Facilitator for the Diocese and she can answer your questions as well as register clergy and lay persons into the Armatus system.

Safe Church training resource page on the diocesan website

Contact: Lauren Pinkney, Screening in Faith Facilitator