Over a hundred people participated in the first event in the new diocesan Road to 2018 conference and visioning series.
The event took place at Holy Trinity, Vancouver, was co-sponsored with the diocesan Evangelism Unit and featured a day of: Bible study, lectures and sharing of information facilitated by two Baptist pastors, Cam Roxburgh and Anthony Brown on the topic of what it means to be "missional" in the 21st century.
By using biblical examples, personal experiences and the skills they have developed with their organization, Forge, Cam and Anthony gave illustrations and examples of how churches can move from being "attractional" to "incarnational" and congregations can change from being "consumers of church" to "missionaries for God's Kingdom." The new Road to 2018 webpage on this website is under construction but should be ready soon and then there will be a good deal more information to share regarding what was learned at this conference and what those attending that day found most useful.