The Rev. Nicholas Parker during his installation as senior port chaplain of Mission to Seafarers after receiving bread and wine from the mission’s administrative assistant, Carrie Bell, during the installation ceremony. Bishop Michael Ingham is presiding
Recently, the Revs. Mavis and Graeme Brownlee, of St. Barnabas and St. Augustine's respectively, were rescuing some rose bushes for St. Barnabas in the garden of a house being demolished. Suddenly, they both started to sink into a hole in the mud. It turned out to be, no, not a rabbit hole, but an old well with a concrete casing. With some effort, they heaved themselves to safety. They had a good laugh afterward but it was harrowing at the time. Mavis never recovered a shoe.

Bishop Michael Ingham has appointed the Rev. Margaret (Maggie) Cole (at left) as deacon at St. Michael's, Surrey, effective last month. She was ordained for the Diocese of British Columbia, but is now transferred here.

The bishop has appointed the Rev. Gary Hamblin as Honorary Assistant for the Parish of St. Helen, Surrey, at their request. He is a trained interim priest in the diocese.

The Rev. Maggie Cole, new deacon at St. Michael’s, Surrey

The bishop has appointed the Rev. John Marsh, formerly coordinator of the Jubilee Cluster, to become missioner for the Diocesan Mission at St. Mark, Kitsilano, on a 2/3 time appointment.. At the same time, the Bishop appointed John to be the Priest-in-Charge on a one-third position for St. George, Vancouver.
Not just one but two donkeys followed Jesus (played by Thomas Shaw) in the Holy Week procession at St. Catherine of Alexandria, Port Coquitlam