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On Sunday, January 6, 2013 the parish of St. Faith, Vancouver enjoyed a visit from Bishop Michael and the celebration of the Covenant in Ministry between the parish and the Rev. Dr. Richard Leggett. Richard has been Priest-in-Charge at St. Faith and both the parish and Leggett were excited to see the transition to Rector come to pass. In his Epiphany sermon, Bishop Michael asserted that the parish of St. Faith has shown the Spirit of the Magi in its seeking, receptive spirit and its work through the Ministry Assessment Process and its commitment to openness and discovery. In honour of the Bishop’s visit, several Order of the Diocese of New Westminster medals could be seen – worn by parishioners given the honour over the day. The celebration was capped by a cake and community potluck. Commented one parishioner over coffee: “We are very lucky to have Richard – a very learned man who has taken us to the next level”. St. Faith began its ministry in South Vancouver over 65 years ago as a mission of St. Augustine, Marpole.