Holy Trinity Cathedral cooks New Westminster breakfast

Arlene Acuna, a member of St. Francis Roman Catholic parish, Bob Merrison, volunteer coordinator and New Westminster resident, and Dave Mattiazzo, a teacher at St. Thomas More Collegiate, are some of those... Read More

Fresh Expressions?- Ancient Questions

Our most recent liturgical journey began with a simple observation. With people randomly spread throughout the concentric circles of our sanctuary seating, collecting the offering had become problematic. Some were... Read More

Emerging Church: Something new: Saturdays at five

Imagine a church service with the first pew crammed full of 12 and 13 year old boys. What collective noun would come to mind to describe them A "dust storm of adolescents " A "pewb of lads " However you might want... Read More

What Church is emerging here?

 - Exploring what it means to be Church - Non-churchy Church - Being Church, not going to Church Those phrases are the tagline to the gathering known as Emerge which meets in Montreal. They could be the motto of... Read More


Bishop Michael Ingham and the Rev. Grand Rodgers after Rogers installation last month to be the incumbent rector at St. John the Apostle in Port Moody. (Julie H. Ferguson photo) After serving three years as... Read More

Using your authority

Have you ever wondered about your bosses', or your own leadership style  That is, does your boss inspire you  If you are a boss, do you inspire people A mentor of mine, Sharon Daloz Parks, and her teachers, Ron... Read More

Our call to Evangelism

The Penthouse Suite at the Shangri La, the tallest building in downtown Vancouver, recently sold for $16 million. Shangri La's developer says that the buyer probably won't live in the suite and may never know what... Read More

New logo for unit

The Ecumenical Multifaith Unit’s new logo The diocesan unit that deals with reaching out to other Churches and Faiths has rearranged its name from the Multifaith Ecumenical Unit to the Ecumenical Multifaith... Read More

PWRDF asks dioceses to sponsor refugees to mark 50th anniversary

The Primate's World Relief Fund is encouraging dioceses across Canada to sponsor 50 refugee families within the next two years to celebrate the fund's 50th anniversary by providing settlement assistance for people... Read More

New coordinator to promote youth ministries across diocese

Starting a new job is always a great time for self reflection. All those memories of first days at work, or maybe in a new college or school, come flooding back as familiar feelings of trepidation and excitement... Read More