The Anglican Church Women
Branches of the A.C.W. in 17 parishes 

Our Mission

  • to unite women in fellowship of worship, study, and stewardship which will deepen and strengthen their own spiritual lives and which will lead them into Christian service everywhere.
  • to arouse and sustain an informed interest in the total mission of the church.

Commemoration of Roberta Elizabeth Tilton

Homily preached by Bishop John Stephens at the ACW AGM, Saturday, May 27, 2023 at St. Thomas, Vancouver

What We Do

Donations and Support Initiatives
  • Collect pop can tabs to support Guide dog training.
  • Gather used stamps for sale, supporting the Arthur Turner Training School in Iqaluit.
  • Donate glasses to Lenscrafters for use in developing countries.
  • Members collect coins in individual receptacles as a symbol of gratitude.
  • Contributions from members are pooled by branches and remitted to the Diocesan Board annually.
  • Interest earned is added to the sum for charitable support.
  • Members collectively decide on organizations to support at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Donations from Area meetings go to local resources, often related to the meeting's speaker.
  • Support provided to various organizations including Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund, Camp Artaban, Mission to Seafarers, Covenant House, BC/Alberta Guide Dogs, and more.
  • Supported Chaplaincy at Vancouver General Hospital.
  • Supplied winter clothing to children in the Territory of the People and Yukon.
  • Funded school meals program in a Yukon school.
  • Subsidized training and provided resources for various initiatives.
  • Enhanced the Synod office with display cabinets for a welcoming environment.

Contact ACW

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Organizational Structure:
The AWC is divided into three areas, each with a coordinator on the Board. Coordinators maintain branch connections and facilitate annual area meetings.

South West Fraser Area:

  • St. Helen's, Surrey
  • St. Cuthbert's, North Delta
  • St. Mark's, Ocean Park
  • St. Michael's, Surrey

North East Fraser Area:

  • All Saints', Mission
  • Christ Church, Hope
  • St. Catherine's, Port Coquitlam
  • St. George's, Fort Langley
  • St. George's, Maple Ridge
  • St. John the Apostle, Port Moody
  • St. Matthew's, Abbotsford

Greater Vancouver/North Shore Area:

  • St. Hilda's, Sechelt
  • St. John's Shaughnessy
  • St. Michael's, Multicultural, Vancouver
  • St. Thomas, Vancouver
Executive Committee
National and Provincial Involvement:
  • ACW branches are present in parishes across Canada.
  • Each diocese has a President and Board.
  • Representatives from each ecclesiastical province sit on the National Executive Committee along with the Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator.
  • An annual national presidents conference is held at different locations in the country
AWC National Website