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We are delighted to share the news that St. Hildegard’s Sanctuary has been awarded a Sacred Arts Trust Grant from The Anglican Foundation of Canada for “Feather Dance,” a liturgical textile arts project. 

The project will be Indigenous-led and include learning and relationship-building through storytelling, wisdom sharing, and community hand work. Inspired by Indigenous spirituality and the spirituality of St. Hildegard of Bingen, it will be an Indigenous/settler collaboration in the co-creation of liturgical textile arts. 

In the words of artist/designer Rikki Kooy: "‘Feather Dance’ is a work of hands extended in friendship, hands reaching out to each other as we walk the journey of faith together. This is a way to speak of our faith in a holy, honourable way that lifts up our Creator God. This—the collaboration of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal—would be a ‘shadow and type’ of reconciliation and fellowship for all to see, and so the Story may be shared and shown."

The project will be photo-documented by our artist-in residence, Sandra Vander Schaaf. 

We are deeply grateful to the Foundation for this support and excited at the prospect of undertaking this project.

Photo: Sandra Vander Schaaf